133111 Construction Project Manager 职业评估要求

澳洲的移民专业除了我们熟知的热门专业会计,IT,工程,幼教,护理等,还有一些是我们平时并不熟悉,但工作生活中却经常能接触到的职位,133111 Construction Project Manager就是其中之一。Construction Project Manager,俗称施工项目经理,如下图所示,这个职位能走的移民方式非常多,不仅可以走189和190,491州担保,还可以走186,482,187等雇主担保类签证。

本篇文章就来和大家详细解说一下Construction Project Manager施工项目经理的职业评估要怎么做。

133111 Construction Project Manager 职业评估要求


根据澳洲国家统计局 和Construction Project Manager施工项目经理的职业评估机构Vetasses对该职位的定义,该职位负责规划,组织,领导,管理以及协调土木工程和建筑项目的施工,以及施工过程中的物质和人力资源协调管理。大部分相关从业人员应具备至少本科或以上的相关学历,或至少拥有5年以上的相关学历。



  • 学历要求:本科及以上相关学历,如Construction Project Management,Building Technology or Science等
  • 工作经验要求:有至少一年相关学历毕业后的职业高度相关的工作经验。


  • interpreting architectural drawings and specifications
  • coordinating labour resources, and procurement and delivery of materials, plant and equipment
  • consulting with Architects, Engineering Professionals and other professionals, and Technical and Trades Workers
  • negotiating with building owners, property developers and subcontractors involved in the construction process to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget
  • preparing tenders and contract bids
  • operating and implementing coordinated work programs for sites
  • ensuring adherence to building legislation and standards of performance, quality, cost and safety
  • arranging submission of plans to local authorities
  • building under contract, or subcontracting specialised building services
  • overseeing the standard and progress of subcontractors’ work
  • arranging building inspections by local authorities



以上就是Construction Project Manager施工项目经理职业评估的一个详细介绍,有相关学历的同学,毕业后工作一年即可递交职业评估申请。不确定自己的学历是否相关,也可以联系我们一对一咨询。

133111 Construction Project Manager 职业评估要求